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Update Date : 10 - Feb - 2015
Welcome To Our School.

Update Date : 25 - Feb - 2015
Admission Open For Session 2015-16.

Welcome To City Convent School
City Convent School, Sahatwar, Ballia is situated in a sprawling 6-acre campus, in a lush green environment, most conducive for learning .

We are working not only for the intellectual, cultural and physical development of our children from the earliest stages but also the formation of character by including sound moral principles so that they grow up as good children of God and responsible citizens of our country.

Education of our children is the joint responsibility of school authorities and the parents. Hence your co-operation is required to ensure the progress of your child in studies.....

From The Director's Desk
Dreams are today’s answer to tomorrow’s question !!!

In my years of teaching I have seen the joy and delight on face of young kids who are enchanted by life full of imagination and courage, open and dare to dream. Yet many children of today ceased to dream in society which values practically. This saddens me……………

The role of teacher in segnificant because a child who has a dream may not have the ability to explore the dream or the full capacity to express that is why an adult must be involved. It is vital to nurture them and encourage them to grow and thrive else they will perish.
The whole City Convent School family pays a glorious tribute to Our Founder.

However, She will always remain as a guiding spirit and source of inspiration to all of us, City Convent School.......May his noble soul rest in peace in god's heavenly abode. With grieving heart & weeping eyes:

City Convent School, Sahatwar